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Though many visitors come to see the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu, the country's true charm may be found in its friendly and proud locals, many of whom still maintain family ties to the ancient civilization. Lima's culinary bounty and Cusco, the Inca capitalexciting ,'s attractions may surprise you. Our Peru excursions will make you feel like a modern-day Indiana Jones, whether you're wandering the cobblestone alleyways of Arequipa, floating on the islands of Lake Titicaca, or unearthing mummies in Nazca. Don't leave home without your trusty fedora!

Peru Llamas in Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu ruins with guy jumping

Peru is a formidable land with ancient geoglyphs, rainforests rich with wildlife, and secret civilizations.

The Incan Empire, pre-Columbian America's largest, was founded in Peru. Peru's wealth helped the Spanish conquistadors construct their empire across the Americas. This fascinating mixed culture created colonial marvels like stately Cusco, constructed on Incan roots. Machu Picchu, the "hidden city," has inspired guidebook and brochure covers. Peru's Amazon Rainforest, Andes, and northern shore beaches are natural treasures. Add Lake Titicaca, the world's highest lake, and you've just begun.

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In Peru, there are numerous amazing locations to stay. Here are a few of our favorites, as chosen by our travel specialists.

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Best Peru Tours, Trips, & Packages 2023-2024 including Peru, the itineraries are all inclusive for all kinds of travelers. Let our travel specialist tailor-made a tour just for you.

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