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It would appear that the Brazilians have made an exact science out of sensuality, dancing, and partying. Brazilians may have benefited from the country's tropical climate and abundant natural resources, yet they are nonetheless distinct from other people throughout the world. One reason is that they are the continent's most multicultural nation and the only former Portuguese colony. Rio de Janeiro's Carnival celebrations are a perfect example of the Brazilian zest for life, and the country's size alone makes it worth a visit. The Amazon and Iguassu Falls are both must-sees in this South American powerhouse.

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In Brazil, you can expect everything, from the beaches and street celebrations to the waterfalls and jungles, to be larger than life. It's no surprise that celebrations occur regularly.

Brazilians are well-known for their positive outlook on life. There are many breathtaking natural wonders in the country, including the Amazon, the thundering Iguazu Falls, and the jungle-covered mountains that make you feel like you're on top of the world (just like Christ the Redeemer). There is music to dance to around every corner in Brazil, from samba and bossa nova to Afro-Brazilian rhythms. The pulsating beaches, where you may kick a football around till the sun sets beyond Corcovado. If you're in Brazil, grab a caipirinha and join in.

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In Brazil, there are numerous amazing locations to stay. Here are a few of our favorites, as chosen by our travel specialists.

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Best Brazil Tours, Trips, & Packages 2023-2024 including Brazil, the itineraries are all inclusive for all kinds of travelers. Let our travel specialist tailor-made a tour just for you.

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